About Us

We’ve been providing quality commercial & industrial construction in the Sioux Falls area for more than 40 years, always valuing people over profit.

Our Story

Established in 1983 by Ercell Fortney, Empire has since become the largest metal building erector in the tri-state area. In over 40 years of business, our company has flourished and grown, expanding our services to include concrete, sitework, and development. 

Empire has acquired multiple long-standing local businesses along the way, including Golden Rule Construction and Parker Lumber (now called Empire Lumber Company). We now have a team of over 70 employees, each carefully selected for their skills, expertise, and passion for the work. With decades of experience and a bright vision for the future, we’re committed to delivering unmatched quality to our community.


Our Mission

Empowering People To Grow

Empire Building Construction empowers ambitious, hungry team members with the tools and knowledge to grow themselves both personally and professionally. Our growth-focused culture creates outstanding construction quality and an incredible experience for our customers, empowering them to grow their businesses.

Our Core Values

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Optimizing Individuals

A construction company is nothing without a strong team. That’s why one of our top priorities is that each of our team members feels fulfilled, inspired, and valued. We’ve created a company culture of excellence and integrity by communicating openly, challenging and empowering our people to grow, and placing everyone in a position where their passion and talents will thrive.

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We’re not afraid to continually question the status quo, because we know there will always be opportunities for improvement. Raising the bar requires thinking and acting outside the box. By encouraging creativity and collaboration in every area of our company, we’re able to find unique solutions to complex problems.

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Rhinoceros Mentality

A concept derived from the book ‘Rhinoceros Success’, most people are like cows standing in the field, chewing their cud. They waste their days sitting around and complaining while letting opportunities pass them by. On the other hand, rhinoceroses charge down opportunities and tenaciously pursue their goals and dreams. Their determination and thick skin allow them to brush off obstacles and power through whatever stands in their way. This attitude is required for our success as individuals and as a company.

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