Runnings Farm and Home

East Sioux Falls – This extensive remodel is one of many projects we have worked on with Runnings. It consisted of a complete interior makeover with all new bathrooms. Several hundred feet of load bearing block walls had to be removed and shored up with new columns and beams to open up the sales floor. The project was uniquely challenging due to the aggressive schedule. The former K-Mart building was purchased in April of 2020 and had to be completed in October 2020. Given our long standing relationship with Runnings, they opted to contract with us on a cost plus basis before any design or pricing had been done. This type of contract structure can be immensely helpful in shortening the project length, as we are able to start on construction before design and pricing are completed.

Winner – This 60,000 SF store, built in 2018, is one of several projects we have completed for Runnings since we began working with them in 2008. The structure is a pre-engineered Varco Pruden building. The front canopies and entrance vestibule are also part of the Varco Pruden building. This design simplifies construction, as well as equates to a lower cost versus conventional steel. Nichiha panels were used for the exterior finish on the front entrance to provide an EIFS type appearance. Nichiha panels are fiber cement and are screwed on. These panels can provide increased longevity and a lower cost to the owner when compared to EIFS.

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