As experienced developers, we bring a comprehensive understanding of the land development process to every project. From land acquisition and entitlements to site planning and infrastructure development, we specialize in creating sustainable and thriving communities.


A successful project starts with proper land development, which begins with a thorough assessment of the property and conditions. This phase entails land acquisition, obtaining the necessary permits and surveys, and considering zoning laws and economic trends. Having all this information is necessary so that our building designs are based on the actual conditions of the land and environment. With decades of experience in the industry, Empire is a great resource to use in the pre-planning phase of your project.

excavator developing land
building planning and design drawing


After building hundreds of buildings and a wide variety of structures over the years, we’re uniquely qualified to provide invaluable advice while developing a plan for your project. We’re equipped to handle land grading, establishing lots, utilities and infrastructure development, and everything else that needs to happen to get your property ready for building.

Designing & Building

Empire is well-prepared to help you bring your project to life from the development stage all the way through designing and building. We take your project from raw land to a stunning finished product with careful attention to every detail, leaving you with a facility that’ll help you grow your business.

development and building

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