When it comes to commercial construction, durability is a key factor in ensuring the longevity and safety of a building. Among the various options for building materials, steel stands out for its exceptional durability and strength. At Empire Building Construction, we are committed to delivering high-quality steel buildings that meet the diverse needs of our clients in the Sioux Falls area and beyond.

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Steel vs. Traditional Materials in Severe Weather

Here in South Dakota, we get our fair share of severe weather. Conditions such as heavy snow, high winds, and flooding pose significant challenges to the structural integrity of our buildings. Thankfully, at Empire, we know exactly what it takes to put up a building that will last through conditions like these. Steel buildings, our area of expertise, are renowned for their ability to withstand such harsh conditions better than traditional materials like wood or even concrete.

  • Wind Resistance: Steel structures can be designed to resist high wind speeds, reducing the risk of damage during storms. The flexibility and strength of steel allow it to effectively absorb and dissipate energy from wind forces.
  • Snow Load Capacity: In regions with heavy snowfall, like ours, the roof of a building must be capable of bearing substantial weight. Steel’s exceptional strength makes it an ideal choice for roofing. This capability ensures that the building stays safe and sound even under the heaviest snowfalls, providing peace of mind and reducing the need for costly repairs or reinforcements that are often necessary with other building materials.
  • Flood Protection: Unlike wood, which can warp, rot, and crack when exposed to water, steel remains unaffected by moisture. This makes steel buildings particularly suitable for flood-prone areas. The impermeability of steel also prevents mold growth, ensuring a healthier indoor environment post-flood.

Unmatched Strength-to-Weight Ratio

One of the most significant advantages of steel over traditional building materials is its strength-to-weight ratio.

  • Structural Efficiency: Steel’s superior strength allows for the design of lighter structures without compromising on durability or load-bearing capacity. This efficiency is particularly beneficial in large-scale commercial and industrial buildings as it minimizes the strain on the building’s foundation.
  • Cost Savings: Lighter structures require less material, leading to cost savings in both construction and transportation. Pre-engineered metal buildings also save time in the erection process since the components are manufactured beforehand at an offsite location, which helps to reduce labor costs as well.
  • Design Flexibility: The strength of steel allows for longer spans and greater open spaces in building design. This flexibility enables architects and engineers to create innovative and versatile structures that meet the specific needs of a wide range of applications.
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Empire Building Construction: Your Partner in Steel Building Solutions

At Empire Building Construction, we specialize in designing and erecting steel buildings that offer unmatched durability and performance. Our expertise in pre-engineered metal buildings ensures that each project is tailored to meet the unique requirements of our clients, providing solutions that are both cost-effective and robust.

Our steel buildings are designed to withstand the diverse and often severe weather conditions of the Midwest, ensuring the safety and longevity of your investment. Whether you need a warehouse, manufacturing facility, or commercial space, our steel structures provide the ideal combination of strength, durability, and versatility. In addition to their superior performance in harsh weather, our steel buildings require minimal maintenance compared to traditional materials, further enhancing their value over time. By choosing Empire Building Construction, you are investing in a structure that will stand the test of time, providing a safe and reliable space for your business operations.

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